The Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) represents a global first in establishing a mechanism for effective and structured multi-lateral engagement of research funding agencies in Europe and the Americas.

Its overall mission is to cultivate insights and evidence about human thought and behaviour in the past and present by enhancing the ability of funders, research organizations and researchers to engage in transnational collaboration.

To achieve this goal, T-AP will undertake activities in several areas:

  • Inter-agency learning: activities in this area include the development of a comparative analysis of T-AP member organizations and an overview of existing cooperation across the EU and the Americas.
  • Pilot project on digital scholarship: the aim of this initiative is to consider the opportunities and challenges of collaborative activities on the theme of digital scholarship, and to develop joint programming on a pilot basis.
  • Thematic priority areas for collaboration: this initiative involves identifying opportunities for collaboration on existing and emerging research priorities, and aims to connect these priorities to Horizon 2020 challenges and funding opportunities.